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A super-fast Internet service delivered via satellite, Exede delivers great speeds and is available in

All about Wild Blue Internet

WildBlue Satellite is an internet provider that offers a constant internet connection and can reach anywhere throughout the United States. It uses a satellite to connect homes and other users to the internet. Download speeds are fast  with the exact speed achieved, depending on the plan the user had enrolled on. This gives users in lightly populated areas the ability to have high speed internet. The signal is also not typically affected by things like bad weathers and land structures that might typically interupt an internet connection. Users can access a fast internet connection regardless of their location.

WildBlue Satellite internet service is affordable and can work for almost all types of computers. It can be formatted for either Windows and Macintosh personal computers. The cost is reasonable, with plans starting at $49.95 a month plus a low one time fee to cover the cost of the equipment necessary for installation, that includes a mini-dish and a modem.

WildBlue Satellite plans also include key ISP features for storing data files and a free anti-virus installer from F-Secure for computer protection against malware.

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