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A super-fast Internet service delivered via satellite, Exede delivers great speeds and is available in

Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet access is Internet access provided through communications satellites. Modern satellite Internet service is typically provided to users through geostationary satellites that can offer high data speeds,[2] with newer satellites using Ka band to achieve downstream data speeds up to 50 Mbps.

Many people look at our claims of download speeds up to 12Mbps and wonder how that's possible...

It's possible because Exede links your computer to the internet utilizing one of our high capacity satellites. In fact, our newest satellite, "ViaSat-1" is the highest capacity satellite in the world!

When you combine the never-before-seen capacity of ViaSat-1 with our state-of-the-art ground equipment, and breakthrough web acceleration technology, the result is a fully optimized, super fast internet experience!

Your Exede service connects your home or small office to the internet at speeds more than 200X faster than dial up

This is significantly faster than most DSL, wireless or even other satellite providers offer.

So, how does it work?

First, your request to view a specific web page, is sent to the satellite, via the Exede modem connected to your computer, and the Exede mini dish that is attached to the outside of your home or office. The satellite then redirects your request to one of the 11 global satellite gateways, maintained by ViaSat. The gateway finds the web page you requested and sends it back to the satellite. The satellite then beams the information back to your computer.

ViaSat, the company behing Exede and WildBlue has built the last 25 years of industry leadership on the fact that we make each customer a priority. Exede Internet is always available, in nearly all areas of the United States. You'll never have to wait for dial up again, because with Exede you are always connected! Order Exede today and start enjoying the benefits of high speed, Satellite internet!

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Exede Internet will allow you to keep your phone line open, plus service is available almost anywhere in the continental United States, including rural or remote areas where DSL and Cable are not available. Exede will provide you with a fast internet connection that is connected at all times, without having to wait to dial-up or log in.

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