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A super-fast Internet service delivered via satellite, Exede delivers great speeds and is available in

Can I use a PCMCIA card adapter for my laptop?

Yes, a PCMCIA card adapter can be used for interfacing between a laptop and Exede modem. An extra Ethernet connector will then be needed to connect to the modem supplied by the company.

The Exede internet connection is comprised of an antenna, a setup box, and an Ethernet cable which exchanges the data with the primary computer/laptop and setup box. The setup box is a modem, used to encrypt and decrypt data during sending and receiving processes. The Ethernet cable is plugged directly into the 10/100 Ethernet Network Interface Card, which is connected to the PC/laptop.

Laptops are generally designed for easy transportation and are made to be compact. Depending on the model you own, your laptop may or may not have an Ethernet adapter. If there is no Ethernet adapter, you will need to explore alternatives for converting the Ethernet gateway to the available mode of communication in the laptop. Typically, laptops without an Ethernet adapter will have either a USB or PCMCIA card reader. A PCMCIA card adapter converts the data gateway and transfers it to the laptop.

Although it’s completely safe and secure, from a technical point of view, to use a PCMCIA card adapter, Exede reserves some Fair Usage Policies against it. They are:

1. Exede only provides the modem with an Ethernet cable. If your PC/laptop doesn’t have adaptability then you are responsible to get the PCMCIA on your own.

2. Exede doesn’t take responsibility for any extra devices or components. If additional technical support is necessary or in the event of device failure, you will need to contact the manufacturer of the device

3. Exede high speed satellite internet is an uninterrupted service. The internet will be always on and consistent. In the event that you experience any reduction in quality due to the use of alternative networking components, Exede will not hold any responsibility.

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